Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taking a Family Photo

Before we headed out to the big family Easter party my Mom wanted us to take a family picture. The end photo turned out great! But when you are working with 13 people, 3 dogs and a self-timer on a camera it is a process! 

First we have to gather everyone in one place.

Then we have to figure out where everyone should go. And no Cari and Luis you cannot stand there.

Okay everyone is in place. There is a space for me. Lili is obviously ready for her close up. All eyes on Llama!
As I get the camera all situated the kids as always get antsy.  So do the dogs. I am working as fast as I can people!

Okay so first attempt did not work. 10 seconds is not long enough for me to get down the steps and into the picture in heels. Time for plan B. Kelly can get back down in frame fast enough so a quick tutorial for Kel. Here is a practice shot. This one may be my favorite!

So now I am in place and Kelly hits the shutter button and runs.



A frozen moment in time that took about 20 minutes.

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