Tuesday, April 01, 2014

March Books and Gratitude

April is here. Crazy! 

Here are the books that I was able to read for March. I have now read 23 books. Only 52 more to go to reach my goal of 75 for the year!

  • The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick: This is the same dude who wrote Silver Linings Playbook and so far I have loved every book he has written. 
  • Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster: this was a tough book to get through. Kind of a predicable story about a awful girl who doesn't realize how awful she is until she loses everything. 
  • The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano: not just young adult but YA written by Maria from Sesame Street! Quick read and good story. 
  • Golden State by Michelle Richmond: this was a good and suspenseful book. It was those kind of books that I find myself thinking about way after I finished it. 
  • The Duck Commander Family by Willie & Korie Robertson: I really love this show and this was a fun read to learn a little more about this family. 
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman: a very spooky story. Lots of vivid descriptions and in my mind it played out with the same claymation of Coraline.
  • I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern: this book is the same guy who wrote "Shit my Dad Says". A funny book about a nerdy guy trying to figure out women and the hilarious and often straight forward advice from his dad. 

There was also lots to be grateful for! 

3-1-14: Joey getting to so something he loves.
3-2-14: Donuts after church
3-3-14: Beautiful pop-up books
3-4-14: A fun girl scout meeting
3-5-14: Starting the Lenten Season
3-6-14: Paper Airplanes
3-7-14: Inside jokes with my godson
3-8-14: getting to work with my Comadre
3-9-14: out last cookie booth
3-10-14: funny faces
3-11-14: finding new music to love
3-12-14: feeling prepared to help Phi pass her 1st Communion interview
3-13-14: Legos
3-14-14: Meeting the Mayor
3-15-14: Friends
3-16-14: Exploring new places
3-17-14: funny books that kids want to read over and over
3-18-14: everyone who bought cookies
3-19-14: a great response from my blog post
3-20-14: homemade parachutes
3-21-14: Celebrating Phi's school successes
3-22-14: being part of such an amazing organization
3-23-14: 65 years of marriage
3-24-14: Sweet surprises in the mail
3-25-14: books for when I need an escape
3-26-14: when they play together nicely
3-27-14: noses buried in books
3-28-14: how much we love Kelly
3-29-14: 1st Communion shopping with Felix
3-30-14: cashing in our christmas gift from Tommy
3-31-14: thank you cards with starbucks gift cards in them! 

I hope April is just as awesome! 

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