Monday, April 21, 2014

Land Cruiser Adventures: Big Bear to Pioneertown Part 2

We finally made it to our destination... Pioneertown. In the 1940's this place was made as a movie set. The show Cisco Kid was filmed here. It was a cool little stop with lots of photo ops..

The whole crew heading into the "town".

Pretty sure Louie attempted to rob this fake bank.

And somehow Karla and Phi landed in jail.

 And the kid gets away with it.

Just put some chaps, boots and a cowboy hat and Joey would fit right in.

My cool Joey with a cool cactus.

We tried to have dinner at Pappy and Harriet's. It looked like such a cool restaurant and smelled super yummy but it was an almost 2 hour wait. 2 hours for a place in the middle of no where. So instead we headed out to Joshua Tree and had dinner at Pie for People. Giant slices of pizza!

It was a long and fantastic day and we can't wait for our next adventure! 

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