Friday, April 11, 2014

Chicano Park

One of my favorite places to spend some time in San Diego is Chicano Park. Under where freeways meet this little park is filled with amazing murals from artists painted right onto the pillars of the freeway. I love it so much and I love taking the kids there.

This spot always reminds me of this picture....

Look at my tiny baby Phi. It always amazes me how much Louie resembles Phi.

There were people there working on some new murals. This one was my favorite. I love the colors.

And look at the detail on the feathers.

We let the kids run around at the park for awhile.

And we kinda joined in on the fun

Selfies with Zapata.

I just love watching my kids run and play with a giant Frida and Virgen watching over them.

So happy we got to spend a little time here. And our SD adventure continues.......

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