Monday, April 07, 2014

7 years later

It still feels like you were just here with us. Here on this earth with us. How can it be 7 years since you were taken from us. Everyday I look at your picture and I still feel a physical ache in my chest. I miss you so much. I take a lot of comfort knowing that you are still with us. I truly believe that you are in heaven watching over every single one of us. I know you were there with Karina during her surgeries keeping her safe.  I believe that you get to meet and get to know all the new babies in our family before we do. I believe that you were there to greet and give our Tio Sabino a big hug when he went to heaven.

My memory of you never fades. You are in my thoughts and heart every single day.

Today I will tell my girls funny and happy stories about you.

I love you cousin and I miss you very much and happy early 27th birthday. 

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