Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Louie the Olympian

So the kids have been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics. I didn't realize how much until over the weekend Louie asked us to build her a ice skating rink. Then this happened...

The Performance: Louie skated beautifully to some Il Divo. There were lots of twirls and only 1 fall. Her costume was perfectly pink. 

Scores: There were very special guest judges. They were harsh but fair. Louie waited anxiously for her scores and was happy with her results. 

National Anthems: It was time for the ceremony to begin. It started with a rousing rendition of the US National Anthem. 

Medals: The very special judges presented the medals. Louie was the silver medal winner! (Only because we didn't have gold foil to use to cover a paper coaster).

#1: USA #1

We are very proud of our mini-olympian! Watch out 2026 Winter Games!

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