Monday, February 10, 2014

Everything is Awesome!!!

We had visitors! We were so excited, thanks to our location out in the middle of nowhere, we don't get a lot of visitors. So when my Mom, Pops and Lili and Felix came over on Friday it was like Christmas morning. On Friday night we headed to see the Lego Movie! Our local theatre is such a good deal. All 8 of us for a 6:45 show for $40.00. We all loved the movie but Felix is our lego master builder and I got to sit next to him during the movie. Kid was in heaven. 

And to make his night even better, we headed to eat a late dinner afterwards and he found a $20 bill on the ground! As you can see Phi was just a tad big jealous. 

We stayed up late and watched the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. The next morning we ate breakfast and headed out to Oak Glen. I really love heading up the mountain. A perfect day trip. We ended up spending the entire afternoon there! 

They had some jumpers set up and the kids had a blast. This giant slide was so big! And they all, yes even Louie, climbed to the top and flew down over and over again.

 Seriously, I can feel my heart expand when I see this picture. I adore these kids.

They got to feed some deer. Louie thought this was hilarious. Phi thought it was ticklish.

 Deer were not the only animals we saw.

We headed over to Apple Annie's for a great lunch. Afterwards we wandered into the candy shop and the bakery. The pies were crazy huge!

After our Oak Glen adventure we headed to the Bass Pro Shop. It is a must stop place for my parents.

The last few weeks have been extra hard and stressful for me. Part of it was that I missed my family so much. Being with my parents and niece and nephew was good for my heart and my soul. Life is hard and stress sucks and even at 36 years old I still want and need my parents. And my Llama and Fel are getting so big so fast that any time I can spend with them is precious.

Thanks for making the drive out and for making this past week AWESOME!! 


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Family is the best medicine! You have a beautiful family. Your new friend from LBC.

    1. I agree! And thank you so much new friend!


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