Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beard Transplants

A friend sent me this article from the New York Post. Men are paying up to $8500 for a procedure that will help boost beard hair growth. The New York doctor who is performing this procedure say that he is doing about 2-3 a week. So those with thin and patchy beard can have the full luscious beard that is so in right now. They actually remove hair from other parts of your body and implant it onto your face!

This is crazy. I get that beards are totally in right now but in our house beards have been cool for years. Joey's beard is legen......

wait for it......


He gets stops pretty much everywhere we go. Men full on stare at him when he walks by. The brave ones will ask to take a picture with him. Who knows how many random people's facebook and instagram Joey is on? Women will sometimes ask me if I like it and honestly I do. If he ever decides to shave remind me to get it on video. I know Louie would not recognize him and that could be viral video gold. 


  1. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I just saw the same thing on the news about hipsters. Funny.

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