Thursday, January 09, 2014

Binge Watching Scandal Has Left Me Paranoid.

Netflix makes it so damn easy to binge watch shows. So during this winter break from new TV episodes I decided to give the show Scandal a try. I had heard really good things, mostly from my Comadre Irene. And damn did Shondra Rhimes do it again! Now I still cry at every episode of Grey's, but this show is not so much a tear jerker, but it is so addictive. 

The character of Olivia Pope is so complex and yet still likeable. She is having an affair with the President and yet I am still rooting for her. There are so many twists and turns and once you think you have it figured out...BAM!.. plot twist. 

And I cannot resist Scott Foley in uniform (#teamnoel).....

The only problem is that with all the video surveillance, tracking devices, super spying, are starting to get to my head. I find myself looking over my shoulder, and checking for cameras everywhere. 

On Monday I walked into my office to find my trash can on the floor and trash all over the ground. 

My first thought was a spy was here digging up dirt. Of course this is ridiculous. There is nothing to dig up but my mind first went there. Turns out the bosses had been in over the weekend with her rambunctious dog who likes trash cans. No secret government plots. 

The obsession has hit a new high (or is it a low).

Last night Louie made this weird scrutchy face at me and I swear she looked just like Huck. 

Tell me you see it too!

I have caught up with the current season and I have to wait for the next episode. Like it's 2001 or something!!! 


  1. I see it and now I can't unsee it. Is she good with computers too?

    1. Last night I watched her unlock a new 12 piece puzzle on her tablet and she finished it in under 45 second. Louie IS a mini-Huck!


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