Monday, January 13, 2014

Art in the Home

We love art. We love a nice framed print, but we love original art pieces the most. There is just something so inspiring and emotion filled when you can see actual paint on something. We recently moved some signs around. (and by we I mean Joey with me just pointing where I wanted things).  We wanted to showcase all our original pieces on one wall.   We went with the white wall in the dining room.

Of course the Felix the Cat that Joey bought me for Christmas went up along with a small canvas of Frida that started my friendship with Yvonne. I use to follow her blog and I won this piece and we have been friends ever since. The blue Virgen piece is also one of Yvonne's that she so graciously did for Louella's baptism. It's a beautiful piece on wood.

On the right side of the wall we have a piece by Pearmama (Denise Cortes), a heart served up on a plate with even the fork included. How  gorgeous is that! And under that we have a watercolor piece by a tattoo artist out of Arizona named Paulski. And one more piece from talented Yvonne from a series she made on coffee filters.

We don't have nearly enough original pieces to fill the wall and we are looking forward to adding more original pieces onto this wall.

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