Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 15: Waxing Gibbous, Penguins, Canada and a Mission Field Trip!

We had a great fun week of work and it all ended with a field trip to a beautiful mission! 

This week Phi and Joey got into the phases of the moon. They made a really cool spin thingy that shows all the different phases. And every night they checked the moon to see what phase it's in. Plus we have all been having fun saying 'waxing gibbous". Especially Louie! 

We continued on with Mr. Popper's Penguin and the lap book. Phi read to us chapters 4-7. This is such a cute story. We did all the lapbook activities for the chapters. We worked on contractions, vocabulary, reading comprehension, we discussed and wrote about our local government and the importance of cleanliness. We also got to have a family game night, and to incorporate a little math, we made a graph of who won each game.

Joey and Phi also spent a morning learning all about Canada. Then Phi wrote about the differences and similarities between USA and Canada.

On Monday the 3-5th grades classes (about 12 kids in all!) went on a field trip to the San Juan Capistrano Mission. The weather was perfection! Family field trips are a HUGE bonus to this homeschooling program. At Phi's old school, sibling were not allowed to attend field trips. We spent the afternoon learning so much about this beautiful mission.

Phi has been doing some really great work! I am so proud of her. We are still struggling with multiplication but we are now officially on holiday break so over the next 3 weeks its going to be all about multiplication tables and reading reading reading!

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