Thursday, December 12, 2013

The 2013 Santa Picture

We are so close to Christmas already and we are packing the nights with our traditional holiday activities. On Tuesday we had scheduled a visit to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. This is where we have gone since 2009 and the girls were so excited. They both picked out outfits and everything. Phi went with her new cardigan and Louie went with her fox sweater because foxes are fancy! Joey got home from work, showered and we hit the road. We made it to the Bass Pro Shop a little after 6pm. 

This year to avoid long lines, Bass Pro Shop had passes for pictures. They gave out so many for each half hour time slot. Great in theory, except those passes were long gone by the time we got there. The alternative was the dreaded stand-by line. So as each time slot was ushered through, people from stand-by were sent over to the big guy IF time permitted. As you would imagine only 1 or 2 people were sent through from stand-by every half hour. Since we were about 15 people in we had to wait until the last of the 7:30 pass holders had gone through. We were stressing out that Santa would pack up and leave promptly at 8 and we would be S.O.L. Luckily that guy really does have a heart of gold and Phi and Louie finally got to see Santa sometime after 8pm.  

As we stood and waited for our turn I could see Louie get really scared and excited at the same time. They asked us parents to stand to the side and Phi grabbed Louie's hand and they headed over. I held my breathe because Louie looked freaked out enough to cry. But she kept it together. They took their photo and then had the very important talk with Santa. 

Santa asked what they wanted. Phi was happy to tell him all about the Crayola Marker Maker she wants. Then he turned and asked Louie and in barely a whisper she said "my own tablet". That's right the 3 year old wants a tablet. Santa told them that there would be a gift for them under the tree and he couldn't tell them what it would be, but they had to promise to love it! But I am pretty sure they will not be disappointed. 

So here it is! The picture we waited 2 hours for.......

To top off the long wait we almost went home without a picture at all. As we were walking through the store to head out of the doors I handed Louie the picture to look at. As we walked through the parking lot something told me to get the picture back from Louie. Of course somewhere along the way the photo had fallen from the card. Of course. So poor Poppa had to retrace our steps and luckily a Bass Pro Shop employee had it for him! 


  1. Delightful photos. Glad you went home with the official one!

  2. It's a great picture! And, I absolutely adore your banner photo!


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