Friday, November 15, 2013

School of Rock

There are some really awesome advantages to homeschooling. One of them is not having to stick to a strict weekday schedule so that when your favorite Metal/Mariachi band is playing at a local brewery on a Wednesday night, you can go!

After you finish your school work of course.

And that's what we did on Wednesday night! 
(We did have to ditch catechism class but we are pretty Jesus will understand. 
He is no doubt a Metalachi fan) 

It was a super fun show! It's funny because Phi is our rocker at shows and Louie is our old fuddy-duddy who complains that it's too loud.

Photo cred to Uncle Matty because if I don't give him credit he will cry like a little baby.

And the best part is that this time we got to meet the band! That's right!! 
Here is Me, Phi, Pancho Rockafeller and lead singer Vega de la Rockha!

We had such a fun night living up to the punk rock parenting image! 
 And like my sister Elaine said "these are the things the kids will remember". 

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  1. Make sure you forward it to Getty Images so I get my royalties. Thanks.


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