Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouting is all about the journey. And for us getting involved in Girl Scouts have been quite a journey. It all started when The Phi started kindergarten. Yes over 3 years ago. I looked into signing Phi up and was told that we would have to be placed on a waiting list. So on the waiting list we waited.

Fast forward to March (of this year!) and I finally get a notification from the Girl Scouts that there is going to be a meeting for girls in our area that have been on the waiting list. Great! So I head to the meeting and it is all about how there is a long waiting list and troop leaders are needed. So another Mom volunteers to be a leader so a co-leader is needed. Of course I volunteer for the position.

I go through all the training, pay all the fees and then the troop leader goes MIA. No one can get ahold of her and she isn't returning emails. About a month or so ago I get another phone call from the Girl Scouts asking me if I know how to get ahold of the MIA troop leader. I tell them again that I don't and then ask what my options are. I want my daughter to be involved with this program but have been having such a hard time getting started. She tells me about a new troop in our area that had just started and gives me the troop leader info. I send an email and I get a response that they would love to have Phi join. YEA!

We go to one meeting. It is a mixed troop of Daisy and Brownie's and things are a bit chaotic and Phi and I were both a bit unsure about it all. Then through the social media outlets its comes down that the troops are going to split. So Brownie's are now in need of guessed it....... co-leader.

When the idea was put on the table I hesitated and instead of jumping right in I met with the troop leader and had a great talk about roles, responsibilities and expectations. I got to know the troop leader and she is enthusiastic, organized, smart and a very hard worker. She is dedicated to this position and I knew we would be able to work well together. So I accepted.

We recently had our first official troop meeting. A week before we got together and planned out the whole lesson plan. What a difference it made! The meeting went smoothly, and everyone had fun!

We have our next meeting in a few days and we are both so excited! 


  1. Yay, for both of you.

  2. Don't be discouraged. Girl Scouts is what you make it for your girls, but it doesn't take a lot for them to think it is awesome.


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