Monday, October 14, 2013


This year The Phi will be making her 1st Communion. She has been taking catechism classes and studying hard. This year part of the program is at home studying (yes more homeschooling) and she is doing great. Joey and I recently went to the first parent meeting and we talked about godparents. Kids are not required to have them, but can if they wish. Phi has been thinking about who to ask for well over a year now. When it came down to it she had 2 women in mind and she was torn on who to pick. I talked to the catechism coordinator and she said that it would be no problem for Phi to pick 2 godmothers. She was very excited, but she was really excited about the asking part. 

We have really made it a point to explain what a godparents is and explained to her why we choose her baptism godparents (Shout out to the Dre's!). Phi knew what a big deal it was and she was so excited to ask her chosen 2!. We wanted to get a little creative and decided to make a little presentation out of it. We decided to go the fairy tale route. We bought a couple of fairy wands and made individual cards.

On a Sunday we headed out and spent a day at the Science Center, we made a stop afterwards to visit our BFFF (best family friends forever!), Irene, Diego and the kids. Over the last year our families have really bonded. Phi and Isaiah have become best of friends and my kids look at Irene and Diego like an aunt and uncle who love and care for them. Phi sees Irene as loving, caring and fun. So as we all sat down at the dinner table Phi handed Irene the purple wand. Irene was bit confused, and Phi handed her the handmade card. Her reaction was priceless....

Irene was just as excited and Phi was. I am so happy that The Phi will grow up with Irene as her Nina. (and Diego as her Nino!) Loving her, mentoring her and just being such a positive role model and example. 

A few weeks later it was time to ask her other god-mother choice. Now from the moment we told her she would pick her own godparents Tia Elaine was at the top of the list. Elaine is the lucky sister that gets to be the super cool Tia to all the kids. The adore her, for good reason. Even when she was living on Florida she managed to stay connected with all the kids. No one loves her nieces and nephews quite like Tia Elaine does. So at her birthday brunch Phi gave Tia Elaine a wand and a card.  

Tia Elaine was honored and super happy. I this point I think Elaine is pretty much godmother to all the kids in the family except Lili. And that's because I'm Lili's godmother!

What's awesome about The Phi getting 2 new godmothers is that I get 2 new Comadres!


  1. That's so cool that she was able to pick 2 Ninas that she looks up to. :)

    1. I know! She was really torn between the 2 and I am so happy she didn't have to pick just 1!


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