Friday, August 02, 2013

Kleenex + Box Tops = Awesome

This post is brought to you by Kleenex, Latina Blogger Connect and the letter S. 

Box Tops are a huge deal in our house. We keep a designated bag where each and every Box Top goes. We totally horde those things. There is no shame in our Box Top Game. I will choose a brand that offers Box Tops over a brand that does not.

Another thing that is a big deal at back to school time is Kleenex. Most years my daughters teacher will send over a list of things we need to contribute to the classroom. Kleenex is always #1 on the list. So you can imagine how super stoked I am that Kleenex products come with Box Tops.

Sounds like a perfect pairing really. Each Box Top is 10 cents toward your school. And let me tell you, that adds up really fast.

Since 1996 Kleenex has given........get this.....

$525 MILLION over 90,000 schools that participate in the Box Top program.

School starts for us in 13 days!!! I love back to school shopping and this year with my daughter going into 3rd grade we get to buy even more supplies. I can remember back to school supply shopping when I was going to start 3rd grade. My list looked something like this....

  • A Lisa Frank rainbow trapper keeper
  • The latest and coolest pair of LA Gears
  • Every New Kids on the Block school item I can find
  • Not just pencils, but bendable pencils. Yea they may write horribly but they are so cool. 
  • A space shuttle backpack. I was way into NASA
  • Scented markers so I can torture the other kids with the black licorice one
  • And of course Kleenex

Yup Kleenex was important even way back then. When you are in a classroom with 25 other people someone is bound to need a Kleenex at all times. Imagine how fast one box of Kleenex sitting on the teachers desk gets used!

So tell me what is on your back to school list this year? 

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