Friday, July 12, 2013

Princess Sofia's 3rd Birthday Party

Last weekend we were invited to our Compadres house to celebrate their princess Sofia's 3rd birthday. It was so much fun. We got to meet a lot of Irene and Diego's family who even without introductions gave us all hugs and kisses and welcomed us into their family. It was a brunch buffet and my comadre out did herself with so much good food.

There was a pool and a slip and slide! I don't think either of my kids had ever used one before. It took Phi about 2 hours to get the nerve to fall onto her stomach and slide. But when she did she had a blast! Louie of course went all in right away.

With a push from Poppa of course. 

Isaiah was the master of the slip and slide! 

While taking a cupcake break I sat Louie on the edge of a planter on a towel and when I looked over she was gossiping with Las Comadres.

 The games were not just for the kids! We played a lot of fun games. Joey came in second place in hot potato. Well in this case the potato was Mickey Mouse.

The birthday girl was showered with lots of girlie, pink and princess gifts!

And these 2 BFF's had a blast.

We had such a great day with our Compadres and their families. 
Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Princess Sofia! 


  1. Ay que bella es ella

  2. Great post, comadre! Thanks for always capturing the loving moments! So happy we shared this day with our BFF family!


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