Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby Blanket for Bella

As soon as someone in my family reveals the gender of their baby I head over to a craft store and whip out the crochet needles. It is time to start a new baby blanket. When my cousin Walkin and his wife Cassandra announced they would be having a baby girl I decided to forgo the usual pink and went with a nice light teal and gray. I am so into chevrons right now it's not even funny. 

As usual the blanket didn't get done before the baby was born. I got it done and sent to her at 3 weeks old. 

Not bad! 

Enjoy your blanket Bella! 
Every stitch was made with love and wishes for you! 


  1. What! You're amazing!!!! Wish we were pals for this amazing gift...she's a lucky friend, and you are one talented lady!


    1. Thanks Marta. I do take orders for them!


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