Friday, June 07, 2013

Thank You's are Very Important

My kids are spoiled. When it comes to birthdays and other gift giving holidays our family and friends are so generous. In our house there is one thing that has to be done if someone gives you a gift. Without exception the girls have to sign and send thank you cards for gifts they receive. It is a small way I can remind them to be gracious and appreciative for what they receive. 

I love to get creative when it comes to thank you cards. It is super easy to make our own personalized cards. I usually will use a photo from the event the gifts were given but sometimes I get a bright idea for a photo and my kids are usually good sports and play along. (There is usually some bribing going on to get Louie to pose correctly!) 

For the birthday gifts they both recently got we did this for the thank you cards......

Inside it reads.......

Get it? 

and on another note! 


We would say do what you want because it's your birthday.
But you do that everyday. 
We love you! 

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