Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Last Day of School!

In about 35 minutes Phi will officially be on summer vacation! Today is the last day of 2nd grade! 

She had a really great year. A wonderful and caring teacher and lots of friends. She was in a really sweet and funny Christmas play and performed for her Grandparents on Grandparents day. She had 2 great field trips and kept straight A's all year long. 

 I am always so amazed at how much kids learn in 9 months. She is now doing multiplication, division, spelling words like acquaintance, and reading pretty much anything.

We are so proud of you Phi! There are big changes coming for you. I know it seems scary, but we know that you are going to to do great. You are smart, kind and funny and even though changes can be scary, they can also be super great and fun!

 Let's have the best summer ever!!! 

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