Saturday, June 01, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Mi Amor

My Amorcita,
My Mor,
My Louella,
My Louie,
My Louie Hong Kong Phooey,

I thought we had a deal. You were not suppose to get any older. You were suppose to stay my tiny baby bundle forever. But you did it. You went and turned 3 years old today. Oh my Louie, my little hurricane of a daughter. You are wild and crazy and you live by the "I do what I want" philosophy. (You really are so much like your Nani!) You are so independent and when we tell you no, you push chairs, climb tables or figure how how to do it on your own. To say you keep us on our toes in an understatement. After a full day with you I am exhausted. But not you, even though you gave up naps a year ago, you still are not a fan of bedtime. I can't believe how fast these last 3 years have gone by. It feels like yesterday we had you....

And now you are 3. I am looking forward to this year. When you sister was 3 she was awesome. Although.... you have proven to be quite the opposite of your sister so maybe this year will be the opposite of awesome. I am going to stay optimistic and hope for an awesome year.

You are amazing my Louie. You are a pint sized ball of energy and you make our family laugh, happy and complete. I love you more than you can even understand. You are my heart and soul tearing through the house on a tricycle. I love every single thing about you.

Happy Birthday my Baby! Have a great time at your pool party! 
con todo el amor en el mundo, 

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  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    She is such a badass little cutie :') love that pic in her red shirt and ray bans


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