Friday, April 12, 2013

Solvang, Ca

Last Friday we were spending the day wandering around Solvang. It was a beautiful day and we started it with a "Bit O' Denmark" lunch. After reading some yelp reviews we were expecting good food and slow service. That's what we got. The food was super yummy. Between the 2 kids I think they devoured like 15 Swedish Meatballs. I was surprised at how much both girls like the heavy creamy food. 

After filling up on food we headed out to wander the shops. 

Of course we stopped for the mandatory sitting in the shoe pictures.

It's still weird to take pictures of my own kids in this shoe. Feels like I was just sitting in the shoe with Cari  and Mom telling us to smile for the camera.

Louie of course cried when we made her get down. She kept saying "I want to drive the shoe car!"

We wandered in and out of stores. The girls were both really good. Lots of shops with lots of breakable stuff. They followed the "Stay in the middle of the aisle and don't touch anything" rule.

 The Phi kept saying she wanted an ice cream in a cake cone dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. As the day went on the weather got a little colder and I kept asked her "are you sure you want ice cream still?". Of course she did and if one gets one so does the other.

A little more window shopping. 

The girls were weirded out by a pay phone. They tried calling Nana and Tata who were in Seattle. 

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful part of California. As we left the parking lot Joey spotted this guy. 

Solvang is such a great place to spend the day. 
A perfect mixture of food, wineries, toy stores and boutiques. 

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