Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Every Night

 This is every damn night. I dread bath time, but not as much as Phi. This crying is from her just sitting in the bathtub. Phi is covered with red rashes. Her face is red and dry. She rubs her ankles to the point of bleeding every night and every morning there is tears when she has to remove her socks that have stuck to her wounds. This is such a nightmare for us. I am trying really hard to keep it all in perspective. In the grand scheme of things eczema is low on the list of bad things that can happen, but when we deal with this day in and day out it's hard to keep that perspective. Its hard not to go to bed defeated, exhausted,  feeling like a failure as a parent and in tears because you know that tomorrow you will have to hear the crying and screaming again. 

We have a doctors appointment on Thursday. We have tried it all and now are going back to square one. Once a bad outbreak happens it is almost impossible to break the cycle of, Rash, scratching, worse rash, more scratching, open wounds and eventually infections. I just can believe that there is nothing that can make this go away. I want a magic pill that will give my daughter beautiful skin and end this torture she endures everyday. 


  1. Hi. The water might be drying her out more, try Trixera Bath by Avene if you haven't already. It's super mild and counter acts the drying effects of the water. I use it with my almost 2 year old when his keratosis pilaris gets red. It helps and maybe her rashes won't hurt as much when she's in the water. There's also a Trixera balm that might be good for her ankles. Hope it helps.

    1. Theresa! Thanks so much for the info! I am going to look into it!


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