Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4th Generation

We went to a family party at The Courts in Limoneria Ranch. The Courts is a little neighborhood of houses and the backdrop to many of my childhood memories. This is where my Mom and Pops grew up. I snapped this picture of Phi because it was so amazing to me. She was zipping down the sidewalks in her scooter. The same sidewalk where my cousin Patty tried to teach me to ride a bike. The same sidewalks my Mom and my Tia Helen zipped around on their roller skates. As Phi whizzed by she passed the house my Pops grew up in I could picture my Mom as a beautiful young teenager, standing on that porch and asking my Pops to the Sadie Hawkins dance. And here we were more than 40 years later and here was their granddaughter flying by on a scooter. Some much time has passed, so much life had been lived, but these houses and sidewalks remain the same. I love that these house and porches and front steps have been witness to my Mom roller skating, my Pops walking to his car for band practice, my Tata tending to his garden and my Nana yelling at us from the fence, my cousins and I playing red rover and freeze tag, and now my kids riding scooters and singing and dancing. It nice to have such a constant in my life and that my children get to experience the joy and simplicity of being in a place like The Courts.

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  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    The many attempts at making water slides out of plastic tarps in Nana's front yard :) Haha


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