Monday, March 18, 2013

Madrinas del Bano: A little reassurance is always nice. #EveryFlush

As an official Madrina del Bano I was able to attend a teleconference sponsored by Pull-Ups with pediatrician Dr. Alberto Andres Cotton and award winning journalist and parenting expert Jeannette Kaplun. Between his 17 years of experience in the field and her 17 years of experience as a TV, radio and online personality they were our experts for a discussion on potty training.

Blogger Mom's from all over the country had to opportunity have questions answered by Dr. Cotton and Jeannete Kaplun. Myself included. Lots of great questions were asked and lots of great information. Here are some great potty training tips from the teleconference:

There is not a magic age for potty training. Experts say that you shouldn't start potty training until you see that they are ready. Did you know that there are 4 Stages to Potty Training Readiness to look out for? 
  1. There are 4 stages to potty training readiness.
  2. Your child starts asking for diaper changes because a dirty diaper 
  3. Your child starts asking to use the potty but doesn't usually make it on time.
  4. Your child asks to use the potty and makes it on time. 
Here are a few other things I learned:

  • Every try and success deserves a celebration! At the same time you should not reinforce anything your child does in a negative way, this includes accidents. They are going to happen! Keep these celebrations small. You don't want your child to expect a big party every time they go to the potty.
  •  There is no age to start worrying if your child is not potty trained, but by 5 years old most children are able to control their bladder. 
  • Regression is a very normal part of potty training. Whenever there is stress or big changes in thier lives there is a chance that your child will start having accidents. 
  • Potty training is stressful. To make things easier make it a family affair. By making sure that everyone is on the same page and educated on potty training. 
  • When teaching your child how to use the potty don't forget that to teach them how to wipe properly! 
  • Carry with you an extra change of clothes, socks and shoes as well as disposable wipes and lots of hand sanitizer. 
The conference was filled with great information and helped to reassuring me that potty training is a long process and it's not just us!

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  1. is lou ready?

    1. Louie is ready. Every once in awhile she will come up to us and tell us to change her diaper. She just hates the potty!


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