Monday, February 25, 2013

Madrinas del Bano

This is my Louie. 
She is 3 months away from turning 3 years old. 
She is funny and talkative, smart and wild. 
She is stinking adorable and we adore her. 

This is how Louie feels about potty training......

Louie is our second child. Our oldest Sophia has always been such a breeze to raise. When Sophia turned 2 I explained to her that she would no longer be wearing diapers. Instead she would be wearing chonies and would need to use her potty from now on. That was it. She had 1 accident at night and potty training was done. Joey and I bragged and bragged about how easy it was. We never used training pants or anything. We now consider Louie to be our payback for all the gloating. 

We have slowly introduced the idea of potty training to Louie. Her kids potty is in the bathroom and before bath time we ask her to sit on it. This usually involves tears, feet stomping, and bribing. And that is just me. Louie hates sitting on the potty. She will cry, complain that the seat is too cold, and that kid will stall like a pro. I have never seen anyone take as long to sit down. Literally takes her 3 minutes to go from standing to sitting. 

It is obvious that we are going to need a totally different approach with Louie than with Sophia. Louie is going to force us to actually put some effort into potty training. When I was asked to participate in the Madrinas del Bano campaign with Pull-Ups, it was like a sign from above. We never used Pull-Ups with Sophia. Back then I was full of myself and felt that my kids did not need them. Again, like aways, Louie has proved me wrong, and made me eat my words. 

So I headed over to the Pull-Ups Facebook page. You can head over yourself at I was really surprised to see not just ads for Pull-ups but lots of helpful tips and comments. A great place to ask the experts. 

Pull-Ups believes that every flush deserves a little celebration. Check out this adorable video....

I really think this is what it is going to take to get Louie even interested in potty training. Pull-Ups has even found a way for potty training to be less of a pain in the neck for Moms. They have developed an app. (Yes there is even an app for that!) for both android and iOS devices. Your pack of pull-ups with come with a spot to scan with the app and this activates the "Big Kid 3-D Celebration". This app has it all, you can set potty break reminders, there are games to play with levels to be unlocked after potty training progress is made. You can even have your child's favorite Disney character call and encourage them to keep trying. The app also can connect parents to helpful articles and advice from experts. And best of all, this app is free. Head over to the Pull-Ups website to get started. 

So we are going to do this. Wish us luck. 

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups. 
However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. This is so cute. Also, I don't envy you right now--and I welcome you to laugh at me when Charlotte's time comes.


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