Monday, February 11, 2013

Louie and her Baby Math-Me

Since the first time she laid eyes on the first picture of Baby Matthew, Louie declared that it was "MY baby Math-me" First let me explain "Math-me". Louie has always called him this and Joey finally figured out why. We talk about Matthew all the time. When we say Matthew, Louie hears "Math-You". So in her precious 2 and a half year old mind she thinks ohhh "Math -Me". Kids are so funny (and so very simple!)

Now Baby Matthew was a big surprise to our family. Even to his parents. My cousin Monique had no idea she was pregnant. Like FOR REALS. You can read an interview with her all about it HERE say that Louie has been obsessed with Baby Mathew is an major understatement. She ADORES this baby. When he was first born she would ask to see picture and then cradle, talk to, kiss and even put to bed my tablet.

These days all she talks about is going to Target to buy toys for Baby Matthew. Every commercial she sees she tries to convince Joey to take her to Target so she can buy it for her baby. Joey has to have a debate with a 2 and a half year old as to why a newborn does not need a Star Wars Lego set.

Of course we love having the opportunity to spoil Baby Matthew (My cousin Monique has always spoiled the Phi and Lou!) so we may pick him up an outfit here and there!

Now Baby Matthew was in the NICU for a long time because he was premature. We did not get to meet him in person until a week or so ago. Louie and her Baby Matthew were finally together. She was over the moon. By the end of the visit she plopped herself on the couch and demanded to hold her baby. She sat on the couch, watching her cartoon, holding her baby in her lap as if it were the most normal thing ever.

I love that my cousin Monique has a baby. And I can't wait to see how the friendship between Louie and Baby Matthew grows. Or to see how long it takes her to figure out that its "Matthew" and not "Math-Me".

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