Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mornings with Louie & Phi

Sometimes this little stinker can be so sweet. I don't get many morning with Louie. Usually she is still snoozing when I leave for work, but once in awhile she will wake up when I go in to get The Phi up for school. Every time I tell her...

"Good Morning Mor (short for Amore) how did you sleep?"

She rubs her eyes and pushes her messy hair our of her face and she always replies with

"In my bed" 

And this morning she got our her princess hair and make-up kit and set up with the Rosita doll and her Brobee doll. The Phi walked in to grab her jacket and Louie's face lit up.

"Day-day! You play wif me?"

"Sorry Louie I have to go to school. I'll miss you. Give me a kiss."

The look of disappoint on Louie's face made me want to declare...

"No school for Phi today! You girls can stay home and play together all day!"

Of course I didn't. And of course Louie got over it immediately. Then she walked us to the door waving, blowing kisses and yelling..

"Bye Day-day! I love you. I pick you up from school!"

It still amazes me how everyday I find myself falling in love with these 2 more and more and more. 
And when I think it is not humanely possible for anyone to love anyone as much as I love them. 
A new day starts and I love them even more. 

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