Monday, January 21, 2013

Book 1 of 12- Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary

For 2013 The Phi and I will be reading together a chapter book a month. We finished our book for January. Here is Phi's synopsis....

This book is about two best friends named Ellen and Austine. They become best  friends when they realize that they both have to wear ugly bunchy winter underwear.  For the first day of school they decide to wear the same dress. They pick a pattern with monkeys on it. Ellen's dress comes out really pretty but Austine's dress came out really ugly. She gets jealous and starts to pull on Ellen's sash. At lunch time when Ellen's sash get pulled again she get so angry she turns around and slaps her friend. The girls are no longer best friends. It takes a long time but the girls finally become friends again.

Ellen Tibbits
By Beverly Cleary
Phi's Rating : ***** "its a really good book about friendship"
Elissa's Rating: **** "great story and perfect for Phi's age. I could have done without the slapping"

Next Month's Book: Ramona and her Mother by Beverly Cleary

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  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Bevelery Cleary, perfect choice!


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