Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our First Live Christmas Tree

I think we got our first tree in 2005. The Phi was about 6 months old and we got a great deal on a 5 foot Noble fir. $16.00! It was my first ever fake Christmas tree. It worked well for us all these years. This year we decided that we wanted a real live Christmas tree.  We shopped around and found Home Depot to be the best deal in town.

I can't get over how expensive the tree farms sell their trees for!

We decided (well our budget decided) that a 6-7 foot Douglas fir was what we needed. We headed to our local Home Depot parking lot to find our perfect tree.

If took us about 5 minutes to find it.

It was netted and then Joey had to get it onto our car. We took the Benz for this trip. I could not get the image of my awesome 1980 Benz with a Christmas tree on top.m

We clapped when we got the tree home safe and sound. We watered it down and put it in the stand. The next night we brought out the ornaments and lights and made it our own.

Louie was in charge of the soft non-breakable ornaments.

We buy an ornament each year to represent something from that year. We have had our 2012 ornament since February when we took our first trip to Las Vegas!

It didn't take too long and the girls had a good time with the ornaments. We even did tinsel!

We also got to decorate the mantel and put up our nativity.

Then it was time to turn on the lights. We counted down and ohhhed and ahhhed.

Our tree ended up being about 8 feet tall! It is so huge and the girls were so excited. And it smells so good! 

 I will let you in on a secret. I think I was more excited about the tree than the girls were.

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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