Monday, November 05, 2012

D-D-D-D-Dora. Phi gets a Haircut

Last week I talked about how The Phi really wanted to get a haircut. A major haircut. I asked her like a million times if she was sure. Every time she said "Yes!" with no hesitation. I convinced her to wait until after picture day. The day after picture day I found a salon made an appointment and off we went. Well off went Phi's hair. 

 We discussed what Phi wanted and we decided on a short mid-neck length bob with straight bangs and long layers to make sure her hair didn't get too poofy. We were trying to avoid looking like this...

aka my hair in 4th grade.
As my BFF pointed out, I am way more emotionally attached to her hair than she is. So I prepared myself for the water works.

And then it started......

It was sad, but I didn't actually cry. It's hair, it will grow back. 

Snip, snip, snip. 

Our stylist Kelli was fantastic. She took her time and cut, layered and even thinned out Phi's hair. The new do took almost an hour to do. 

After a quick blow dry and a little flat iron she was done.

Joey has been singing the Dora theme song to her for days now. But I have to admit I love it. Easy to take care of and with a face like hers, anything looks good! 

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