Friday, November 16, 2012

Cosmic Yoga

The Phi and her yoga love is still going strong. She is still taking weekly classes and recently uped it to 2 days a week. Mondays are an hour of straight up yoga poses, but on Friday, well it gets a little more fun and creative. 

Each Friday there is a fun theme for the class. Last week it was "Wear Bright Clothes" night. What the kids found when they got there was a dark room and black lights glowing. It was time for some Cosmic Yoga! It was so much fun! And so cool to watch. 

The photo do not do it justice. Trying to take a picture of people moving in black light with no flash is hard! 

I am so happy that The Phi has this class, this group of friends, and her yoga teacher Loulu to keep her inspired and happy and in love with yoga!

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