Monday, October 22, 2012

No More Rails

When it comes to making the big transitions for our kids Joey and I have a "like a band-aid" philosophy. Just do it fast. While putting the kids to bed Thursday night I went to change Lou's sheets and some how that turned into, "It's time for the toddler bed". 

So we moved the changing table over, moved the crib and assembled that rail thing you can put up for kids in regular beds. In the end we vetoed the rail thing and moved everything back. 

Lou climbed into bed and did her nightly routine of looking at 11025442 books. 

 The she realized that her crib was now a "bed" and the jumping began.

We turned the lights out at 8:33pm and Joey and I braced ourselves for Lou getting up every 5 minutes. As I walked out of the room I hear The Phi tell Lou...

"Now Louie, you have a bed now, but you have to stay in it all night. Don't make me get down and get you."

Lou replied with a "Okay Day-day" (she calls Phi,  Day-day)

Everything was cool until about 11:00 pm. I heard Lou crying. I went to the room expecting to see her standing behind the makeshift gate Joey made with the removed crib rail. But she wasn't. She was crying but still in bed. I went over and sat with her for about a minute. She stopped crying and kept saying "I know Mom. I know Mom". I gave her her blanket that had fallen down, she turned and went back to sleep. 

At midnight I went in to check on them and this is how I found Lou....

So I turned her the right way and went to bed myself. The next morning when I went in to wake up Phi for school I found Lou like this......

I don't know whats going on with her pants, but she is still sleeping, and on the bed and not on the floor. The Phi gave me the inside report. She told me that Lou got out of bed one time to get more books and her toy laptop. Phi said she got her stuff and went right back to her bed. Not bad for the first night!

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