Friday, September 21, 2012

Shoe Drama OR Yes my feet are really that dirty

The other day I was walking The Phi to her catechism class when the strap on my sandal broke. I walked back to the car bare foot and Joey was like...

"uhhhhhh what happened?"

I showed him my shoe.

Yes I know these shoes are disgustingly dirty. They are old and I live in sandals like 10 months out of the year.

Now I am sure Joey was secretly very happy. He has never liked these shoes and I have had them FOREVER. 

Luckily we were on our way to Ross anyways so I figured I would get some new shoes there. But first I had to somehow get into the store. Those no shoes, no shirts, no service rules are no joke people. 

Joey found a paperclip in the car and did this.....

It lasted about 10 steps until it fell and my strap was busted again. I had to do this step with the right foot and drag the left foot behind me. I tried to do this as non-nonchalantly as possible but Joey's pointing and laughing was not helping. 

I managed to make it to the shoe section. I figured because I really want some cool high brown boots for fall I would just pick some up. I tried some on and even found some I really really liked for $26.00. Of course they looked ridiculous with the summer dress I was wearing but the day was almost over so I could manage.  

BUT I'm the kind of Mom that has a hard time spending cash money on myself on a whim. Usually when I buy something for me it's because I have crunched the numbers, thought about it over and over and have given myself enough time to really think about it (like 2 weeks). So $26.00 (plus tax!) I just couldn't do it. So I started looking for something with a lower price tag.

I work out on an elliptical about 5 times a week and I am in need of new work out shoes. I have heard these were comfortable......

They were not. Plus they were $40.00.

These were comfy but I was confused if they were shoes to wear out or slippers to wear in.

And let me remind you who I am shopping with....

Baby Louie aka Baby Cray Cray

Now these are fun and a little sexy. But I could not think of one place that I would ever have the opportunity to wear them or any outfit in my closet that these would go with.

Now these are super cute! So me! And they were $12.00 and they went okay with the dress I was wearing, and I could wear them with jeans and through the fall/winter.

I had almost convinced myself to get them, but then Joey decided to take my busted shoe up to the cashier counter and stapled the heck out of the strap.

 So I told myself, I will get the rest of the things I had orginally went to Ross and see how the staples hold up. Of course they held up through the shopping and even through dinner and all the way home hours later.  As soon as I got home I dumped them in the trash.

I am still thinking about those boots and flowery flats. Maybe in 2 weeks after I have crunched the numbers, thought about it over and over and have given myself enough time to really think about it, they will still be there and I will get them.

Probably not though.


  1. OMG mujer you should've got the freaking flowery flats!!! You can find $12 in the crevices of your sofa!!

    1. They are really cute huh?? I almost convinced myself but I had 2 birthday gifts to buy and that added up quickly so of course I talked myself out of it!

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