Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Celebrating Weekend

On my side of the family we are in the middle of our birthday celebrations. Our birthdays start is May and end in October. This weekend we had the best time watching little Felix play soccer, BBQing, drinking, hanging out, relaxing, and playing pin the mustache on the cactus. 

Phi and Lili take a break from their hectic stressful lives to relax in the new hammock and enjoy the view of Santa Barbara. 

People often asked my Pops if he ever wanted a boy. He would tell them, I have 3 girls, the boys will eventually show up. He was right. He now has these 3 plus a bonus son in Tommy.

If you want the jump house you have to set it up yourself.

We celebrated my brother-in-law Luis' 30th birthday! He works in sod so my sister Mercy Elaine made him this super cute grass cake! The inside was green and yellow. A John Deer grass cake! 

We also started celebrating Mercy Elaine's 27th birthday. I say started because we are going to have her birthday "brunch" next weekend. (Today is Mercy Elaine's actual birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEEZ!) 

There was even games.

And gifts! My niece The Chone made this amazing painting for Mercy Elaine. I love it. 

Nothing is better than those weekends when we are all together.

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