Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was a mix of pirates, Hawaiian things, sprinklers, laundry, blanket making, Arrested Development and Pajamas.

On Saturday we headed up to Oak Glen for Buccaneer Days.

Oh this child. Her cuteness has no limits! 

Buccaneer Days ended up being just a pirate stunt show at the Parrish Pioneer Ranch. It was a pretty neat show with a female Captain Morgan. Lots of loud gun fire and cannons.

After the show we wandered the Parrish Ranch shops. The Phi had some cool refreshing fresh apple cider and I found a drink of my own.

Yup I found some wine tasting.....

We let the kids wander through the little toy shop there and since there was no much else to do we headed back down the mountain. 

We ended up at the Hawaiian Festival, mostly for the food. We love us some Hawaiian food. And we were in luck. Joey was able to get some Kalua Pork with cabbage, and we each had one of these.....

Yup there was manapua there. Totally worth it. Unfortunately for me I was sitting next to Lou, who after one bit, also loved herself some manapua.

And even our non-adventurous eater asked for a coconut drink.

Our poor Phi. The heat and sweating made her pretty much itchy all over and miserable. We decided that maybe a run in the sprinklers would help relieve her eczema. It did, a little. But since our kids apparently don't know how to play in the sprinklers Joey and I ended up soaking wet showing them how to have fun.

Sunday was a very very rare day of nothing. We did not go anywhere. Instead we stayed home, did a ton of laundry and watched a ton of Arrested Development on Netflix.

I even managed to finish a baby blanket for new baby Charlotte. Just a few finishing touches and it will be all ready for her.

Even on days when we don't get out of our pajamas the kids manage to have some fun and make us laugh.

And be super cute.


  1. What a fun day you had on Saturday. I love the photo of Lou and the Phi on the Rabbit bench.

    1. Thanks Jan! I like it too. Really tells you alot about their personalities!


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