Tuesday, August 14, 2012

50 and Fabulous

We had another fun filled weekend. We hit the road to Santa Barbara on Thursday night. We just needed to really get away from the 100 degree weather. It has been absolutely miserable with this heat around here.

On Saturday we had a spectacular day. My Tia's Mary and Josie (the babies of the family) celebrated their 50th birthday with a super birthday bash!

The party was at the Limoneira Ranch . Since this is where the twins grew up it was a fitting location.

Here are the birthday girls!

To start the festivities there was yummy ceviche. So yummy and perfect for the hot day.

My Nana and Tata were there are ready to party!

There was an open bar! (YEA!). I went to get my first drink, I looked at the bartender, pointed at him and was like "Dude, I follow you on Instagram!" . So we had to post our own instagram picture.

Cassie step away from the bar.

My Tio Jack came down all the way from Reno. He brought his wife my Tia Rosie AND my Tia Connie!

Felix and Joey chatting it up. Most likely about guns, or legos, or lego guns.

Baby Michael is the most adorable kid. Just look at this face.

Chone is the piped piper of little kids. The kids can chase her all day long. This picture was before The Phi fell, hurt her ankle and was benched for the rest of the night.

As I looked through pictures from the day I realized that Lou had the time of her life! Just look at this kid....

My Mom, her sisters and their cousins from Arizona. It was so cool to see them all hanging out and having fun together. And we loved seeing our generation of cousins too. (Hi Teresa and Amanda!!!)

The party theme was cheetah print for my Nina Josie and lipstick kisses for my Tia Mary.

Always laughing!

Kisses for Tata

Lots and lots of picture taking.

Even Joey commented how great it was to see all the siblings together. My Mom and her siblings are super tight-knit, they love each other very much.

My Tio Elias was the DJ and sang, and the band House Arrest were amazing! They played all kinds of old school jams. They even played "No Parking on the Dance Floor". And Joey, being the non-dancer he is, totally broke his own rule. He parked on the dance floor.

Even Lou got some dancing time in with Tata!

My cousin Mikey is so talented and he sand "I turn to you" to his Mom.

And of course Tia Mary cried!

My cousin Selina also made a great video of pictures of the twins and a few interviews (myself included!).

It was our first big party with my sister Elaine back from Florida. All is now right in the world.

Elaine even dragged Felix onto the dance floor.

Lou eventually sat down. At like 10:30 pm.

We attempted to take a family photo. I think this one sums us up pretty good. 3 nice and normal's and 1 wacko.

It was such a great night, that I heard lasted until the early morning hours!

Happy 50th Birthday Nina Josie and Tia Mary. 
We love you both so much. 

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