Saturday, July 07, 2012

Concert in the Blazing Sun

Uncle Matty's band Via Verde had an afternoon show in San Jacinto. It was a super hot day, but we took our water mister and water bottles and headed out. It was a memorable show. Lots of heat, bass players falling down, and half the stage electricity going out in the middle of a song. We had so much fun.

Lou & Phi waiting in the shade for the show to start.

Josh  aka Whitey on guitar

Uncle Matty in a black tee and jeans in 100 degree weather.

Stomp Box


Via Verde

Sam giving it his all.

Will on drums.

I love when Matt sings along

When Sam asks the crowd to raise their hands Lou obliges.

Vero, back-up vocals and the one who saved the day when Sam's mic died.

Backstage Passes

Future Fans?

I love that Uncle Matty is in a Chirstian rock band. And a really good one. The message is good and the songs are amazing. I love taking the girls to shows.

Post show relaxing

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  1. And why don't you own one of those fabulous shirts yet?


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