Friday, June 22, 2012

Swimming Lessons

This year we are staying at a different house at Bass Lake. From the photos it looks like the top deck has a staircase that goes right into the water. This means that since my kids can't swim they will be forced to have a life jacket duct tapped to themselves at all time. Joey and I also decided that it was time for The Phi and Lou to take some swimming lessons.

Our community pool offers lessons so I signed up the girls. They started on Monday and they are loving it. On Wednesday I snuck out of the office for a little to check out their class.

The pool is surprisingly really nice. The Phi is in a level 1 class and Lou is in a Parent/Tot class. This means Joey gets to get in the water with her every time. I am jealous.

They are learning how to paddle and kick. They use paddle boards play fun games with their instructor. The Phi is really working on dunking her head in the water. This is how far she can go.

Yea she has a lot of work to do.

I know that in 8 lessons they will probably not be ready for the Olympics. They will probably not even be able to really swim. But we want them to have a little foundation so that if they fall in they don't panic.

We want The Phi to get over her fear of getting her face wet, and we don't want Lou to develop a fear of water. That is so strange to Joey and I. We are both part mermaid.

Plus we want them to have something to do, outside, and to have some fun.

Mission accomplished.


  1. Such a great idea. You'll be surprised how much they'll learn in 8 lessons.

  2. Okay, they are so friggin' adorable I can hardly stand it. I really want to enroll my girls in swim lessons, but I seem to be part cat and don't do well in the water myself.

    1. Thanks! You should sign your girls up. You will be surprised what fears you can overcome when it comes to your kids. Me and roller coasters don't mix but if my kid wants to go I plaster a smile and just go.


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