Friday, June 15, 2012

Ouie & Louie Extravaganza Day 2- CA Adventure

I think I like California Adventure more than Disneyland so I was super excited about this day. Since we checked out of our hotel we had to pay and park. The bonus was that we got to take the tram. Before heading into the park we stopped at Downtown Disney and let Felix attack the Lego store. That boy loves his legos.
 We headed first to Bugs Land where the kids got on all the rides. Even Lou rode most of them. We wandered around hit up every section of the park. We got to ride the new Little Mermaid ride and it was so cute. Very romantical! We found a great shady table for lunch and even got to see (from afar) the new Cars Land. We watched a parade, The Phi traded a few pins, watched the Muppets 4-D movie, lost Cari, Chone and Lili for a while but then found them. The turtle Crush chatted with Pops and gave him a new nickname, Far Out Felix. That was so funny. Mom and Pops left first. Then about 8-ish Ouie and her family left. And of course we stayed until the park closed. We miraculously found a good spot to watch the Color Wonder show and we rode the carousel.
 Left: 2009   Right: 2012- Why do they have to grow-up??????

 Another fantastic trip down. The kids had a blast and memories were made. To see all the pictures for our trip CLICK HERE 

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