Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Mi Familia- Cassandra

I have only mentioned this like a zillion time, but I come from a really amazing family (both sides!) On my Mom's side when you count up my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins we are close to 100 people.


That is just my Mom's side.

So I thought I would introduce you a few of them once in awhile. This will be my "Mi Familia" series, but without Edward James Olmos. Unless of course I find out that he is also related to me then of course I will have him on here too.

Okay First Up!



AKA: Cassie, Sassy, Sassafrass, Cathy
Age: 24.75
Occupation: general awesomeness
Family Position: Youngest (has 2 older sisters).
Status: Sorry boys she is taken.

A few awesome facts about Cassie...

  • She is creative and crafty.
  • When she was little her Mom had to pay her to smile in pictures. 
  • She is a shortie. 
  • She is a very talented painter.
  • She has very real and deep love for coffee
  • She has a love for mustaches.
  • We share a love of photography.
  • She does not like to wear dresses.
  • I adore her. 
Let's get to know Cassie a little better by checking out a few pictures from her Instagram....

Coffee. Of Course

California Living

Ranch Life

I asked my dear little cousin a few questions....
What inventions can you not live without? 
This sounds so terrible but I don't think I can live without my iPhone, my Nikon Coolpix L110/ Nikon D3100 and iPod! I have access to everything with my phone, I can take pictures with everything with my camera, and I can stop time when I blast my music super loud!

Photo by Cassie

What famous person would you bring back from the dead to have dinner with? 
The person I would bring back from the dead to have dinner with is no doubt Salvador Dali! This surreal artist is so interesting and creative! I have 4 posters of his work, many books and would love to see how he was in person.

Jack by Cassie

What's the most creative thing you've done recently? 
I've recently gotten back to my hobbies and crafts, so I have to say the most recent thing I've created have to be my fabric hair bows. I used to make resin jewelry and feather earrings but I really enjoy making hair bows, all the colors and patterns are never-ending!
She makes some very cool resin rings and necklaces too!

What was the last fruit you ate? 
The last fruit I ate we're some blueberries my boyfriends dad gave me. Yum!! 
Crayon art by Cassie

The best hour of today was ______________. Why?  
The best hour of today has to be around 8pm. Martin (boyfriend) asked me if I was going over to his house to see him today and I texted him back that I didn't know, him not realizing I was in Fillmore getting my tea from Starbucks, 5 mins away. I love spending time with him. :)

Recently Cassie started making hair bows. They are so stinking cute and of course I have a bunch for my girls. She has a great eye for patterns and fabric which make her bows better than all the rest out there.

She sells the bows for $3.00 each.
Head over to www.cassiescrafts.tumblr.com
and enter the password BOWS
to get your own hair bows.

Thanks for the interview Cassie! Love you!


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    She's my sista!!! I'm a lucky gal!

  2. Ohh so artsy! That's great. I love the resin jewelry and crayon painting she created!

  3. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Sassy, you're awesome! I love you lots! Picos💋

  4. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Awww, that last part was supposed to be lips =}

  5. That crayon canvas is incredibly bad ass. I really want it.

  6. reading this makes me wish cassie was my friend.... WAIT! she is!!


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