Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finding Memo

 Disney flicks are suppose to be fun and entertaining. But when Lou watches Finding Nemo the kid gets stressed out!

Usually while taking a long trip in the car the girls can watch a movie and its quite and they are happy. We check out a movie for them once a week from the library and we are making our way through the Disney collection.

The girls have enjoyed Cinderella, Mulan, and Monsters Inc, but this weeks film is Finding Nemo. Throughout the whole movie Lou is in the backseat yelling....


The whole movie people.

Lou gets all worked up. She is worried about "Memo". She has seen the movie at least 5 times, but every time she stresses about finding "Memo". I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It is in the title.

The other day we found ourselves inside a Disney store. Lou was looking through the small plush toys and found this.....

She looked at me and said....

"I find him Mom"

Thank goodness for that Louie!

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