Saturday, May 05, 2012

Santa Barbara Fair

Last weekend we spent Sunday at the Santa Barbara County Fair. Despite the fact that Lou was coming down with a bug we had an amazing time!

Lou never naps when we are out. This is how we knew she wasn't feeling well.

The kids all had wrist bands for unlimited rides. They got on so many rides they made the wristbands the best deal of the day!

Cousin Helica won a stuffed chicken!

Mirror Mirror On the Wall. Lou is the fairest of them all.

We got to hang out with Princesses

We take so many pictures of the kids so I made Chone take a picture of the adults.

See more pictures of the kids

Phi and Lili screaming their heads off on the Ferris wheel.

Can you find Chone?

Of course there was fair food. Joey got steak fries.

The CuCoGo's got this giant brick of french fries.

I did my best to eat within my diet.

Who taught Joey duck lips?

That is one happy Phi.

And a super happy Lili.
For her last ride The Phi wanted to get on the big swing ride. Like the big adult one. I was super nervous. I was putting my tiny baby on this big ride to send her high in the air with just a little wicker seat under her. But since I am conscious about not bring my kid up to be a chicken shit like me. I didnt say anything and since she was tall enough to get on I sent her and Chone in line. Then when she was safely out of my earshot I freaked out.

See the kid on the bottom of the picture with her hands up? Yup that is The Phi. We had a really great day with the CuCoGo's. We always have a good time with them.

You can watch the Santa Barbara Fair Episode of The Sophia and Family Adventure Show by

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  1. This looks like the best day ever!!!! Those fries alone look like a reason to celebrate.


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