Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Open House

Last week we had Open House at The Phi's school. I kept calling it "back to school" night, but since we only have about a month left of school this was totally inaccurate. It was just a night to let us see what the kids have been doing all year long.

After listening to every single kindergartner read (It stopped being cute after the 12th one) we all got to go into the classrooms. When I was a kid open house nights like this were a big deal. The parents got to sit at our desks and the teacher gave a speech about what we were learning and then the students sang a song or something.

At The Phi's school it was more of a free-for-all. We just walked in. Saw her desk. (She is STILL sitting in the back!) and just kind of stood there. Lou of course hopped right up on the seat and started drawing all over The Phi's papers.

"Lou destroys everything I work hard on" 
I asked The Phi's teacher how she was doing and she assured us that The Phi was a model student and doing very well.


Just kidding. We are totally proud of her. Really really proud.

Think we will have another exceptional student with this one?

Yea I don't think so either.


  1. Gosh! Your girls have gotten so grown up!!!!

    I remember open houses like this when I was little, but oddly neither of my girls have ever had one. Being that Lila alone has been to 3 preschools and 3 elementary schools, I find this bizarre.

    1. I think it's weird that Phi's school does not have parent teacher conferences


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