Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Weird Science

Last weekend we heard that a lot of the LA County Museums were going to have free admission. So we decided to let The Phi decide if we should hit up the Museum of Latin American Art or the California Sciencenter. She LOVES science so I already knew which she would choose.

So off to the Sciencenter we went. You can check out The Phi's recap HERE ...

We got there about 1pm and they kicked us out at 5pm. And they were super aggressive about kicking us out. The place was jam packed and since we only saw maybe a little more than half of the place. Lou had a good time too just checking everything out from her stroller. We are thinking about taking a "family ditch day" and heading out there during the week. We missed the entire Ecosystems Exhibit and according to my Comadre (who was there the day after us!) was the best.  We also learned that the Sciencenter is also always free to get in. Just have to pay $10.00 for parking.

The Phi had such a great time. In her video on her blog you can see the excitement on her face. As you know we live for that.
Walking from the parking lot was even exciting with all the jets! 

Learning about arches and vaults.
Sheer Nerdy Science Happiness

Spinning tops

The Phi and Joey built this and it stood on it's own. 

Louella's expression when she see's herself on a TV. 

Joey's beard even looks good on black and white TV.

Family Jam Session

The Phi and Joey are super nerdy for maps. The floor of one room was a aerial map of LA. These 2 were in Cartography heaven. They had to follow the freeways to find the museum and them Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Here The Phi is pointing at the Sciencenter. As you can see it is right next to the LA Coliseum.   

Infra-red The Phi

And because Joey apparently loves to drive LA and Orange County freeways, we ended our day at The Block in Orange. This mall has gone a bit downhill, but still holds a special place in my heart since its where Joey and I had our first movie date.

Checking out the skater boys at the Vans store

It was a pretty windy day and Lulu's hair was electric!

Told you this mall went downhill. They have a whole store of Crocs!

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