Thursday, February 16, 2012

100 Day and How We Couldn't Top Last Year

Last year for 100 day at school The Phi took THIS 

I racked my brain and could not come up without anything that could top that. We decided to make a poster of 100 places The Phi has been. At dinner one night we came up with the list. Then I found and printed pictures of all the places. I made 3x3 collages and added the name of the place. The Phi decided on a red poster board. Joey cut the pictures out, The Phi added glue and I placed them on the board. We added some heart shaped maps and called it a day. It was an awesome family project. While we worked we were able to talk about each place and reminisce.

Joey and I would take the girls to see the world if we could. We were both happy to see this board filled with all these places. In 6 short years we have made so many beautiful memories with our Phi. 

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