Monday, December 19, 2011

The long way home

After church and lunch on Sunday we didn't have any plans for the rest of the day. So instead of hopping on the freeway for the 15 minute drive home, we took the long way home.

Sometimes the long way is the perfect way home. We drove up the hill through Oak Glen. We were hoping for some snow, instead we got some rain and weather cold enough to see our own breathe.

I love these impromptu detours we take in life. Those unexpected memories that we make on a whim. When I look over at Joey and say, "Let's drive though Oak Glen" and he says "sure". We made a couple of stops and were able to cross off the last person on our list after finding the perfect gift.

My beautiful Phi

Apple Orchard

Joey finally found a pair of opera glasses. He has been looking for years!

Happy Christmoose

Lou gets heavy. We all have to help out carrying her around.

Pickles on the counter.

Lou and a pet rat.

 Louella is crazy and wild and sometimes just so stinking cute....


bathroom graffiti

it was really that cold.

you can't see it here but The Phi was looking at her own breathe.

Me and my girls and a worn looking reindeer

giant tree, one ornament

I hope my girls remember things like the times we decided to take the long way home. 


  1. The pet rat made me laugh! I've got a 10 yr old at home with a similar one she named Sheila.

  2. Shelia! That's a great name for a pet rat!


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