Tuesday, October 04, 2011

We got to spend a day at the LA County Fair a few weeks ago. If you want to see The Phi's episode on it you can head over to See & Say . We met Nana and Tata there and that made the day a million times better.

Now if there is one thing that The Phi cannot resist it is those head cut out photo ops. And at the fair there were TONS of them.

And of course The Phi could not be the only one in on the fun. Schmonkey took his fair share of photos too!

And then the ultimate photo op for The Phi and Schmonks!

It was a super warm day so we spent a lot of time inside the buildings checking out the cool exhibits.

You are what you eat.

Lou got to spend some time wandering around with Nana and Tata. She ate popcorn, and a giant, and I mean giant cookie.

Poor The Phi was stuck with a banana and milk. Just kidding this was just a snack. She got her fill of candy and corn dogs.

Seriously doesn't Joey make the perfect pirate.

This has to be my favorite photo of the day. I know my Mom is like the best Nana ever.

We stayed way later than we should have. But it was such a fun day.

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  1. Lili said next year she wants us to go with you guys.


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