Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know how sometimes people just kind of fall into your life? Like one day you didn't even know thier name and then something happens and just a few short weeks later you are inseperable. That was me and Tommy. He just happened to fall into my life. He was my then husbands boss, who we found out lived in our apartment complex. To me, from the moment I met Tom he just "fit'. Like he was always suppose to be there. He was immediately the brother I never had.

And it wasn't just me. My parents, my sisters and the kids all took to Tom like he was one of the family. And really he is. Like after all those years of all girls we had a boy in the family.  We love him and support him like one of our own. Family portraits and summer vacations are not complete without him

And like all good big brothers Tommy makes the long drive and comes to visit once in a blue moon.

and we try to impress him with our local Tahi cuisine.

And the kids show off their paintings and just over all cuteness.

And I get to catch up a little bit with Tommy. Because sometimes our (almost) weekly phone calls are not enough. Sometimes its nice to be like the old days with just me and Tommy in the Pathfinder heading off on another adventure. Even if these days adventure just means a Thai dinner.

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  1. Anonymous1:10 PM

    omg... Lou is so freakin adorable in those hats. :)


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