Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I always thought The Phi was one of those kids who just lacked imagination. She was not one to play pretend, or set up elaborate back stories for her Barbies. Except for Schmonkey. See Schmonks (as we refer to him) has been The Phi's since she was in the womb but for over 4 years he stayed in the stuffed animal bin. When I was pregnant with Lou, The Phi found Schmonkey and they have been inseparable (except the times she leaves him places and we have to frantically run through Target looking for him) since.

Schmonkey is one interesting character. According to The Phi the following statements about Schmonkey are true:

  • His full name is Schmonkey the Monkey Bass Lake Lerma
  • His birthday is July 16th and for some reason only turned 2 this year.

  • He is very accident prone and has broken almost every bone in his body. 
  • His Grandmother's name is Sarah and lives in New Orleans. Schmonkey takes trips to visit her often.
  • He is very afraid of all Targets. When we go to Target he stays in the car.
  • He eats once every hour.
  • He hates waking up in the morning so The Phi lets him sleep in as long as possible.
  • How to Train Your Dragon is one of his favorite movies.
  • He often vacations in Mexico. Most of his vacation trips are exactly 8 hours long.
  • His nickname is Greg but only his monkey family calls him that.

  • His body temperature runs at 205 degrees and today is heading to Antarctica for a short vacation.


  1. I'm scared of Target stores too... well my bank account is. I should stay in the car like Schmonkey.

  2. Mercy Elaine10:23 AM

    wow, you have a lot of really awesome pics of the schmonks


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